Final Exam Test

As a November 2012 Classic with Style student our final exam was visiting two different designers shops within the Classic with Style Fashion Districts and make one coordinating outfit.      

Today I would like to present my final exam styling outfit.  The Dress is from Sascha's.  It is a red cocktail length dress with coordinating gloves that will catch the attention as you stroll down one of the many streets in Second Life, or enjoy a club or event.  The wrap is from Fashion Ania Mode.  Keeping your warm on those chilly November evenings.  I have added Jewelry by Jake's bracelets, necklace and earings from his 5th Avenue collection and the gold shoes from Mashooka Designs (MD) to complete the wardrobe.

I am also wearing EMO-tions Deidre hair, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes, Elle BR Deep Tan style skin from Belleza, and the Celine skirt bodyshape from Sophistishape.

Sacha, established in 2007  won the Avi Choice Award for Favorite Wonam's Apparel in 2011. She offers a wonderful selection of ballgown, cocktail dresses, accessories and casual wear.  There is a small fee to join her group but it more than pays for itself with the special clothing offers she makes.

Ania Lennie is a Classic with Style model.  She will grace the cover of the December 2012 issue of Classic with Style Magazine.  She offers many different styles of Ballgowns, cocktail length and casual clothing.

Both these shops are in CWS Fashion District B.  Your limo awaits.

You can visit miny other great designers shops at CWS Fashion District A using this limo:

Many thanks goes to Anrol Anthony and Steve101 McCullough and the entire teaching staff at Classic with Style.  I have leared a great deal to get my feet wet in modeling.  Soon I can jump right in to test the waters along with my other classmates. 


Mid Term Test

And I thought College was hard.  After a few short weeks of class it is almost time to graduate if we can pass our Midterm.  Anrol Anthony was the announcer.  Three instructors were at the mid term.

In order of test was Farah, Beth, Lil, myself and Timber.  Not sure if going first or the wait of being near the end was easier but I am sure we all had butterfly's.

The outfit I wore was the Bellamorte-Gothic Lolita and spike red shoes from Boudoir.  The skeleton design Corset and the small skulls around the skirts edge show the Gothic style while the delicate roses left at many grave sites offer a softer side of a cemetery. Layers of fabric and lace mixed with chains bring a Victorian feel to this Avant Garde. The rose thorns on the shoes show they too can have a dark side to them.  The ensemble includes coordinating stockings.  To complete the look I have added roses to the Bonetta HP Vanity hair in Black, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes and a rose tattoo from White Willow.  Skin is the Elle BR Deep Tan style from Belleza. Shape is from Sophistishape - Celine

The other outfit we wore today was our swimsuit.  The swimsuit is from Ayiki Takakura Ibiza Jaguar design.

Congratulations to my fellow classmates that participated today.  It has been a pleasure learning with you.  Hope to see all at graduation.

To see my classmates blogs please visit
Timber @
Lil @
Beth @


Grades are in.....................I passed.

First Place in Wedding Theme

Today's Style event was
"Wedding Party Theme" 
sponsored by Amarige Weddings. 

Wedding Party Theme 11.21.2012

Today I am wearing Son!a's Laura Bridal Gown. Layers of fabric, lace and dancing chains will light up your mans eyes the moment he sees you walk down the isle.  The ensemble includes a coordinating lace and floral veil. The diamond earrings are from Jewelry by Jake.  N-Core Tribute White shoes complete the wardrobe.  To complete the look I have included EMO-tions Deidre hair, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes.  Skin is the Elle BR Deep Tan style from Belleza. Shape is from Sophistishape - Celine

Many thanks goes to Anrol Anthony, Steve101 McCullough, and our sponsor Amarige Weddings for allowing me to present you this Wedding Party theme outfit.

I would also like to thank my wonderful instructors at the Classic with Style University, our distinguished judges, fellow contestants and guest.


First Place in Hen and Stag Theme

Today's style theme contest was

"Hen and Stag Theme"  

Hen and Stag Theme 11.20.2012
Today outfit was with the aDIVA Couture Zoe outfit in Mauve with its layers of dancing purple fabric and coordinating arm ribbons will be the life of the bachlorette party.  The 5th Avenue Collection of earrings and necklace from Jewelry by Jake.  N-Core Tribute Champagne shoes complete the wardrobe.   To complete the look I have included Truth Bonnie Expresso hair, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes.  Skin is the Elle BR Deep Tan style from Belleza. Shape is from Sophistishape - Celine

aDIVA Couture Zoe in Mauve

I would like to thank Anrol Anthony, Steve101 McCullough and all my instructors at CWS for giving me the training to start my modeling career and allowing me to present you this Hen and Stag theme outfit.  I would also like to thank our other distinguished judges, fellow contestants and guest.

I am having so much fun. You can too.


Ms Ladysunfire Erin named 2012 Ms Beautiful

It was an exciting evening last night at Classic with Style when the announcer Anrol Anthony announced Ms Ladysunfire Erin as Ms Beautiful 2012.

Ms Beauty 2012 - Ladysunfire Erin

The six finalist, Ms Liberty Lighthouse, Ms Ania Lennie, Ms Sagia Resident, Ms Ladysunfire Erin, Ms Sunrae Suntzu, and Mschevia Resident, were each judged in three categories.  Swimsuit, talent and evening gown.  A total of $200,000L in prize monies were presented to the finalist and two special categories.  With 100,000L going to the winner herself along with her trophy, photo shoot with the in-house photographer where her picture will be posted in the next issue of our Classic Glamour with Style Magazine and their monthly video.

Ms Photogenic and 5,000L went to Ms Ania Lennie

3rd Runner Up and Ms Photogenic - Ania Lennie 

Ms Creative Talent and 5,000 went to Mschevia Resident

2nd Runner up and Ms Creative Talent - Mschevia Resident

All our finalists were guaranteed 5,000 Lindens as a reward for making it to the top 6th.  5th and 4th runner up will each win 5,000 Lindens.  3rd runner up will win 10,000 Lindens. 2nd runner up will win 25,000 Lindens, 1st Runner Up will win 50,000 Lindens and Ms Beautiful 2012 will receive 100,000 Lindens (current US value over $400.00).

5,000L and 5th runner up was awarded to Ms Liberty Lighthouse
5th Runner Up - Ms Liberty Lighthouse

5,000L and 4th runner up was awarded to Ms Sagia Resident

4th Runner Up Ms Sagia Resident

10,000L and 3rd runner up was Ms Ania Lennie

3rd Runner Up - Ms Ania Lennie

25,000 and 2nd runner up was awarded to Ms Mschevia Resident

2nd Runner Up - Mschevia Resident

50,000L and 1st runner up was awarded to Ms Sunrae Suntzu

1st Runner Up Sunrae Suntzu

100,000L and Ms Beautiful 2012 was awarded to Ms Ladysunfire Erin

Ladysunfire Erin - Swimsuit
Ladysunfire Erin - Talent

Ladysunfire Erin - Evening Gown

Between the events the Classic with Style dancers, Tiffani Celestalis, LizzyLola Resident, and Caralyne Melody, performed to such hits as "Be Thankful by Natalie Cole and Airship Pirates by Abney Park.

Congratulations to all the beautiful and talented ladies of Ms Beautiful 2012.  See you next year.


JayGee2 Vollmar Fashion Show 11.16.2012

Today was the fashion show for JayGee2 Vollmar.  A designer in Second Life since 2008 you can view her designs at several shops in world or on the Second Life Market Place at 

JayGee Vollmar
From sexy and provocative to classic, innovative and fantasy, she offers a wide selection of outfits to please many Second Life avatars personalities.  She offers a line of wedding and wedding party gowns, coordinating jewelry, and more.

Sidney Abbot
Janet Brink

Vicky Yonbo

Tiffani Celestalis

Thank you for visiting my blog page.  I would like to recognize the talented models that presented the outfits at yesterdays show.   Tiffani Celestalis, Janet Brink, Sidney Abbot, Tabytha1 Baily, Ania Lennie, Ascensions Resident, Caralyn Melody, Laci Rossini, LadySunfire Erin, Mschevia Resident, Vicky Yongbo, 

Lillou's Design Show

Today the design house of Lillou's Design had a fashion show at Classic With Style.  Here are several of the styles shown by this wonderful designer.

Looking to be a model yourself?  Classic W/ Style teams up with Ms Lillou Merlin Owner and Designer of Lillou's Design to search for Ms Lillou Super Model 2013.

Awards will be given to the top three models with a prize package of $35,000L  divided among the three contestants.  Lillou will also design a gown to name after the crown winner.  Your picture will appear on the Classic W/ Style blog at

For more information please visit Classic with Style or Lillou's Design shops.

Here is just a sampling of the designs from the runway show today.

Visit her beautiful stores in Second Life.  He has many wonderful styles.  Thanks goes to the wonderful models of CWS for a great show.  Laylah Lecker, Tiffani Celestalis, Vicky Yongbo, Janet Brink, Nina Brianna,  TAbytha1 Baily, Caralyne, LizzyLola, Ania Lennie, Laci Rossini, Liberty Lighthouse, LadySunfire, Erin, Sidney Abbot and Lisana Rossen.

Hello my name is Summitt and this is my first blog as a University of Classic With Style (UCWS) Famous Student. Today was my first Style contest. The event was Royalty Theme.  I took 2nd place.

Here is the little story of a princess left by her guardian in the misty woods protected by a very old dragon.  The dragon is sworn to protect the mist and when the princess wearing her Heart of the Dragon gown by The White Armory gets lost in the mist, the dragon prepares to kill the girl.  Aiming at her chest, he lowers his sword and sees she is wearing the talisman. A talisman given only to members of his ancient family. He wonders why she has this sacred talisman. Looking in her gleaming Poetic eyes and tan Belleza skin he decides to keep her alive long enough to find out why she has the talisman made by the blacksmith Zander at Cyber Gem Jewelry. Earrings and bracelets from Jewelry by Jake.  Hair by EMO-tions.

Thank you for coming and visiting my blog and letting me tell you my tale of fantasy and intrigue of a modeling student.

Simply the Best