Ms Ladysunfire Erin named 2012 Ms Beautiful

It was an exciting evening last night at Classic with Style when the announcer Anrol Anthony announced Ms Ladysunfire Erin as Ms Beautiful 2012.

Ms Beauty 2012 - Ladysunfire Erin

The six finalist, Ms Liberty Lighthouse, Ms Ania Lennie, Ms Sagia Resident, Ms Ladysunfire Erin, Ms Sunrae Suntzu, and Mschevia Resident, were each judged in three categories.  Swimsuit, talent and evening gown.  A total of $200,000L in prize monies were presented to the finalist and two special categories.  With 100,000L going to the winner herself along with her trophy, photo shoot with the in-house photographer where her picture will be posted in the next issue of our Classic Glamour with Style Magazine and their monthly video.

Ms Photogenic and 5,000L went to Ms Ania Lennie

3rd Runner Up and Ms Photogenic - Ania Lennie 

Ms Creative Talent and 5,000 went to Mschevia Resident

2nd Runner up and Ms Creative Talent - Mschevia Resident

All our finalists were guaranteed 5,000 Lindens as a reward for making it to the top 6th.  5th and 4th runner up will each win 5,000 Lindens.  3rd runner up will win 10,000 Lindens. 2nd runner up will win 25,000 Lindens, 1st Runner Up will win 50,000 Lindens and Ms Beautiful 2012 will receive 100,000 Lindens (current US value over $400.00).

5,000L and 5th runner up was awarded to Ms Liberty Lighthouse
5th Runner Up - Ms Liberty Lighthouse

5,000L and 4th runner up was awarded to Ms Sagia Resident

4th Runner Up Ms Sagia Resident

10,000L and 3rd runner up was Ms Ania Lennie

3rd Runner Up - Ms Ania Lennie

25,000 and 2nd runner up was awarded to Ms Mschevia Resident

2nd Runner Up - Mschevia Resident

50,000L and 1st runner up was awarded to Ms Sunrae Suntzu

1st Runner Up Sunrae Suntzu

100,000L and Ms Beautiful 2012 was awarded to Ms Ladysunfire Erin

Ladysunfire Erin - Swimsuit
Ladysunfire Erin - Talent

Ladysunfire Erin - Evening Gown

Between the events the Classic with Style dancers, Tiffani Celestalis, LizzyLola Resident, and Caralyne Melody, performed to such hits as "Be Thankful by Natalie Cole and Airship Pirates by Abney Park.

Congratulations to all the beautiful and talented ladies of Ms Beautiful 2012.  See you next year.


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