Final Exam Test

As a November 2012 Classic with Style student our final exam was visiting two different designers shops within the Classic with Style Fashion Districts and make one coordinating outfit.      

Today I would like to present my final exam styling outfit.  The Dress is from Sascha's.  It is a red cocktail length dress with coordinating gloves that will catch the attention as you stroll down one of the many streets in Second Life, or enjoy a club or event.  The wrap is from Fashion Ania Mode.  Keeping your warm on those chilly November evenings.  I have added Jewelry by Jake's bracelets, necklace and earings from his 5th Avenue collection and the gold shoes from Mashooka Designs (MD) to complete the wardrobe.

I am also wearing EMO-tions Deidre hair, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes, Elle BR Deep Tan style skin from Belleza, and the Celine skirt bodyshape from Sophistishape.

Sacha, established in 2007  won the Avi Choice Award for Favorite Wonam's Apparel in 2011. She offers a wonderful selection of ballgown, cocktail dresses, accessories and casual wear.  There is a small fee to join her group but it more than pays for itself with the special clothing offers she makes.

Ania Lennie is a Classic with Style model.  She will grace the cover of the December 2012 issue of Classic with Style Magazine.  She offers many different styles of Ballgowns, cocktail length and casual clothing.

Both these shops are in CWS Fashion District B.  Your limo awaits.

You can visit miny other great designers shops at CWS Fashion District A using this limo:

Many thanks goes to Anrol Anthony and Steve101 McCullough and the entire teaching staff at Classic with Style.  I have leared a great deal to get my feet wet in modeling.  Soon I can jump right in to test the waters along with my other classmates. 


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