Hello my name is Summitt and this is my first blog as a University of Classic With Style (UCWS) Famous Student. Today was my first Style contest. The event was Royalty Theme.  I took 2nd place.

Here is the little story of a princess left by her guardian in the misty woods protected by a very old dragon.  The dragon is sworn to protect the mist and when the princess wearing her Heart of the Dragon gown by The White Armory gets lost in the mist, the dragon prepares to kill the girl.  Aiming at her chest, he lowers his sword and sees she is wearing the talisman. A talisman given only to members of his ancient family. He wonders why she has this sacred talisman. Looking in her gleaming Poetic eyes and tan Belleza skin he decides to keep her alive long enough to find out why she has the talisman made by the blacksmith Zander at Cyber Gem Jewelry. Earrings and bracelets from Jewelry by Jake.  Hair by EMO-tions.

Thank you for coming and visiting my blog and letting me tell you my tale of fantasy and intrigue of a modeling student.

Simply the Best

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