JayGee2 Vollmar Fashion Show 11.16.2012

Today was the fashion show for JayGee2 Vollmar.  A designer in Second Life since 2008 you can view her designs at several shops in world or on the Second Life Market Place at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/29602. 

JayGee Vollmar
From sexy and provocative to classic, innovative and fantasy, she offers a wide selection of outfits to please many Second Life avatars personalities.  She offers a line of wedding and wedding party gowns, coordinating jewelry, and more.

Sidney Abbot
Janet Brink

Vicky Yonbo

Tiffani Celestalis

Thank you for visiting my blog page.  I would like to recognize the talented models that presented the outfits at yesterdays show.   Tiffani Celestalis, Janet Brink, Sidney Abbot, Tabytha1 Baily, Ania Lennie, Ascensions Resident, Caralyn Melody, Laci Rossini, LadySunfire Erin, Mschevia Resident, Vicky Yongbo, 

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