Mid Term Test

And I thought College was hard.  After a few short weeks of class it is almost time to graduate if we can pass our Midterm.  Anrol Anthony was the announcer.  Three instructors were at the mid term.

In order of test was Farah, Beth, Lil, myself and Timber.  Not sure if going first or the wait of being near the end was easier but I am sure we all had butterfly's.

The outfit I wore was the Bellamorte-Gothic Lolita and spike red shoes from Boudoir.  The skeleton design Corset and the small skulls around the skirts edge show the Gothic style while the delicate roses left at many grave sites offer a softer side of a cemetery. Layers of fabric and lace mixed with chains bring a Victorian feel to this Avant Garde. The rose thorns on the shoes show they too can have a dark side to them.  The ensemble includes coordinating stockings.  To complete the look I have added roses to the Bonetta HP Vanity hair in Black, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes and a rose tattoo from White Willow.  Skin is the Elle BR Deep Tan style from Belleza. Shape is from Sophistishape - Celine

The other outfit we wore today was our swimsuit.  The swimsuit is from Ayiki Takakura Ibiza Jaguar design.

Congratulations to my fellow classmates that participated today.  It has been a pleasure learning with you.  Hope to see all at graduation.

To see my classmates blogs please visit
Timber @ http://timberlynnsshoutout.blogspot.com/
Lil @ http://lilscws.blogspot.com/
Beth @ http://bellfrayar.blogspot.com


Grades are in.....................I passed.

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