Graduation Day 12/02/2012

Congratulation :
You and 6 of your fellow classmates enrolled for November class, stayed and never quit. 
Your graduation is 12.02.2012 at 1:00 PM SLT (4:00 PM EST)
Camera shots and poses

Graduation Togas and cap were supplied for the class
 We were also given two outfits for a dance we were doing for the December video. 
This is what I selected.

 Congratulations to the Classic with Style Class of November 2012

Agee Canto
Annabree Fang
Farahvesta Resident
Summitt Beaumont


Avant Garde Style 11.24.2012

One of the classes was in Avant Garde. 

Today I would like to present to you with Bellamorte-Gothic Lolita from Boudoir. The skeleton design Corset and the small skulls around the skirts edge show the Gothic style while the delicate roses left at many grave sites offer a softer side of a cemetery. Layers of fabric and lace mixed with chains bring a Victorian feel to this Avant Garde. The rose thorns on the shoes, also from Boudoir, show they too can have a dark side to them. The ensemble includes coordinating stockings. To complete the look I have added roses to the Bonetta HP Vanity hair in Black, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes and a rose tattoo from White Willow. Skin is the Elle BR Deep Tan style from Belleza. Shape is from Sophistishape - Celine

Ms Lillou Super Model 2013 - Audition 11.17.2012

Today is 11.17.2012 and the Audition day to be Ms Lillou Super Model 2013.  

This is my first contest so not sure how far I will make it. There are many on the list of contestants that have been doing these events for a long time but I figure they started with their first and I can only improve with the suggestions from the judges and viewing their interpetion of the same requirements. Wish me luck. Here we go!

For the Audition: You must wear for audition Formal wear from Lillous Design

Today I would like to present to you Lillou's Limited Edition titled Esther.  With its layers of dancing black lace, you will be the belle of the ball.  The coordinating wool black and gold shaw will keep you warm on those chilly evenings in Second Life.  A floral pendant compliments the woven bangle bracelets and dangle post and loop earrings. N-Core Tribute Black shoes complete the wardrobe.   To complete the look I have included EMO-tions Deidre hair, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes and White Widow Leaves Face Tattoo.  Skin is the Elle BR Deep Tan style from Belleza.

Other contestants selected the following styles