Avant Garde Style 11.24.2012

One of the classes was in Avant Garde. 

Today I would like to present to you with Bellamorte-Gothic Lolita from Boudoir. The skeleton design Corset and the small skulls around the skirts edge show the Gothic style while the delicate roses left at many grave sites offer a softer side of a cemetery. Layers of fabric and lace mixed with chains bring a Victorian feel to this Avant Garde. The rose thorns on the shoes, also from Boudoir, show they too can have a dark side to them. The ensemble includes coordinating stockings. To complete the look I have added roses to the Bonetta HP Vanity hair in Black, Deep Dream Poetic Color eyes, Tameless lashes and a rose tattoo from White Willow. Skin is the Elle BR Deep Tan style from Belleza. Shape is from Sophistishape - Celine

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