CWS Styling Events

Ever thought of being a model?  What it takes?  Come and see a styling event at Classic with Style (CWS) most weekdays at 5PM SLT except Thursdays or when another special event is taking place.

Meow Theme
To become a great model in secondlife, it will take a lot of practice & showing up at events to get more ideas for walking & posing.  The style events offer each participant the ability to be judged by an instructor or owner at Classic with Style.  Win, place, show or just participate you have the ability to request your judges card to review what they found to be your strong points and areas for improvement.

The Judge Decisions for daily events are based on:
 a>☆ creativity on the styling theme for that days event☆
 b>☆ catwalk on our runway/the formation☆
 c>☆ poses on stage - this can include props and special poses for these events as well.
 d>☆ description on your outfit for the theme☆

Body Paint Theme
To participate in a specific them, review the theme for the day at Classic with Style Schedule.  Get an idea in your mind about that days theme.  You may wish to review ideas for dressing and coordinating accessories (hair, jewelry, makeup) in Google.

The pictures included are a few events in 2013 that I have participated in.

Chinese New Year Theme - Year of the Snake
Please don't hesitate to ask questions any of the instructors, judge, announcer or other staff member about becoming a model.  They will be happy to assist.


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