Lil Treasure Chest Fashion Show 02.23.2013

The designs shown showcase the versatility of  Ms Lilmama Artis Owner and Designer of Lil Treasure Chest.  Ms Lilmama Artis is  a womenswear fashion designer in real life, and she tried to maintain her design philosophy here as creating real life looking clothes, specialized  in dresses with prints and a wide selection of different fabric qualities.
  I'm proud to present them here in our venue -- Classic W/ Style Corporation We are Simply the Best.

Runway : Red Runway
Saturday: February 23, 2013
  Fashion Show time 3:00 pm/slt

  Center of attraction 
Model - Nina Brianna 

Lilmama Artis-Bowler, Designer

 Models for todays show
Lisana Rossen, Vicky Yongbo, Janet Brink, Liberty Lighthouse, Ladysunfire Erin, Thrishia Denver, Summitt Beaumont, Frayar Resident, Lizzylola Resident, and Nina Brianna

Frayar (Bell) Resident models Artis Mermaid
Lisana Rossen models Lay la Beach Dress

 Liberty Lighthouse models Lil Frail

 Vicky Yongbo models Lil Sophisticated Chica

Audience models, Designer (center) and Janet Brink (Super Model second from right) posing in Lil's Treasure Chest outfits

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