Lillou Design Fashion Show 03.02.2013

Saturday:  March 2nd, 2012
Fashion Show Time:  3:00 pm/slt
Fashion Show by: Lillous Show

The designs shown showcase the versatility of Ms Lillou Merlin, one of the great designers in SecondLife and Classic with Style is proud to present them here in our venue.  She loves the outfits of so many real work fashion designers, that she can't name one particular favorite.  Here in Second Life, she finds that there are too many wonderful creators to name just one.  She love the diversity of styles. Today a variety of designs and styles were offered to view and select from the many available at her shops and on marketplace. Thanks to our fabulous designer Ms Lillou Merlin for making these great outfit.

Center of Attraction: Lisana Rossen

Lisana Rossen wearing Maria

Models for todays show: 
Tiffani Celestalis, Vicky Yongbo, Janet Brink, Nina Brianna, Summit Beaumont, Thrishia Denver, Laci Rossini, Liberty Lighthouse, LadySunfire Erin, 
Sidney Abbot, and Lisana Rossen.

Some of the dresses seen in the Fashion Show

Miss Lillou Super Model 2013 
Sidney Abbot wearing Georgia in red

Janet Brink wearing Giselle in caramel

Ladysunfire Erin wearing Betty Lou in pink

Ladysunfire Erin wearing Hortense in violet

Janet Brink wearing Scandalous in blue

Liberty Lighthouse wearing Scandalous in pink

Summitt Beaumont (Me) wearing Paloma black/gold

These Beautiful Dresses can be purchase here today, Please click the url below to purchase these outfit. 

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