Masters and Doctorate Students Graduation at Classic with Style

Today was graduation day for two Masters of Modeling and four Doctorate Degrees of Modeling.

Ladies and Gentlemen let's call our graduate students for  February Class 2013.  Out of 12  students who enrolled to our February Modeling class, these are the students who worked so hard and learned the greatest fashion in secondlife.  We salute you all for not giving up.

Let's Begin and call our first graduate student.  

Congratulation Ms Becky Kenaan.

Becky Kenaan
Congratulation Ms Miimiifraise07 Resident

Now lets introduce our three new Doctorate Models graduates.  

Doctor LiL2imp resident

Doctor Thrishia Denver

Doctor Sunrae Suntzu

Not pictured, Doctor LizzyLola Resident, was unable to attend graduation due to computer issues.

As the graduates are onstage, Anrol offers them words of encouragement and their future.

I am honored to address you tonight. On behalf of the graduating masters and doctoral students of University of Classic W/ Style of Modeling Advance. I would like to thank all our UCWS Professors, for making this possible for them to learned the great things in modeling here at Classic W/ Style.

Our accomplished UCWS faculty strive to create an engaging environment in which you explore concepts, share ideas, and make discoveries in your field of interest. Experienced advisors and faculty will mentor and guide you through the process of choosing and developing a dissertation topic based on your professional interests.

First of all, congratulations to all of you. You should be very, very proud of yourselves for accomplishing this goal. Well done. I know you must all be excited to get your hands on your diplomas and run out into the world.

Master Degree Graduation is one of those steps in life that defines a coming of age - the ending of one era of life, as a CEO or the one being shown the ropes, and moving on to a new stage in which you are a leader, a do-er and an achiever in the wider world.

I'm sure many of you have firm plans and have a good idea of what's coming next, some of you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do next, a dream and a lot of hope to get you there, and some of you are just amazed that you got to this graduation point at all! Well the coming times will be exciting, they will be trying but they will be all dependent on you and your determination.

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce Ms Lisana Rossen our VP in charge to all our models here

Ms Lisana Rossen
Good evening Ladies and gentlemen, I am Lisana Rossen, I am from France and one of the Trainers at Classic with Style.  Thank you all for coming.  Today, we celebrate a Graduation of our students completing their basic classes paired with seasoned models who have just completed their advanced studies.

We are so proud of both groups, for many reasons.  First, there is the excitement of joining the ranks of graduates of the best school to start a modeling at, Classic With Style!.  Then we have models that still show the excitement for the profession and show it by advancing their learning to become all-stars in the world of SL modeling.

Both groups attended many classes, completed many studies, to achieve perfection at their current level of training.  Both groups also have the internal pride of knowing they have earned the right to be called Classic with Style Models! Today is a great day of culmination. hard work and practice are rewarded with your own diploma that says "I did it!"  Each of us is very proud of each of you! Personally I only can say to each one of you that it was a delight for me to work with you!

Have fun in your new career!!! There is so much to enjoy.  Don't miss a moment of it.

Next speaker is Ms Vicky Yongbo our VP in Marketing

Hi Everyone, allow me to introduce myself, I am Vicky Yongbo, one of the Executive Trainers and VP of Marketing  here at CWS, a very warm welcome to our Graduation ceremony.

It is with a great sense of pride that I stand here and give you a little insight to what the ladies and CWS is about:). We are not just models, we are one big happy family.  I want to extend my congratulations to Class of February. on making  this Graduation, you should all be humbled and proud! Along with the February students, we have our amazing Advanced students.

This is an honor and a personal accomplishment. All of your hard work has finally paid off!  It takes a great deal of talent, effort, and determination to achieve such a challenging goal and, it is very inspiring to me to see you realize it.  Your commitment to excellence is evident in earning this academic honor. The diligence and effort you have given to your academic performance here at Classic With Style, serves as an example and inspiration to so many, and if it is any indication of the effort you will put into your SL Modeling  life, you will be successful in all you do.  You should indeed be proud of your work! We are proud that you are a part of the CWS  family.

Advance Graduates, you have been a total joy to have in class and have worked so hard, pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone, Lizzy, I want to say a massive well done to you for organizing the show you did with Lisana, you did it on your own and that was amazing.   All of you  are amazing models otherwise you would not all be stood here today. Being a "SUPER MODEL" does`nt make you superior to the new Students and Models.  It makes you someone they can look up too or even aspire to be like.  Seize this title and pass on some knowledge to the ladies that struggle, be the mentor they so desire and pass on  all of your skills to help them achieve their dreams.  You have worked hard to earn this title, so wear it with pride and put it to good use.  I`m proud of each and every one of you, you have shown you are able to style to perfection,are adaptable to all given situations of modeling in Second Life.

It has been a joy and a pleasure getting to know you all and seeing you flourish as a model, well done and continue to shine bright as you reach even further to achieve your dreams.

Ms Tiffani Celestalis our CWS COO

Hi Good afternoon everyone.  I am Tiffani Celestalis and I am a model and staff member here.

It is with great pride that I see you all on this graduation day.  To the advanced students, now super models - my beloved sisters - in SL. I know that you will carry the excellence of CWS to wherever you may go and have the skill to smile at whatever "challenges" you in the modeling world.  To the february grads, Becky and Mimifraise, you were an absolute delight and I see enormous potential for both of you.  You are both a tremendous addition to our CWS alumni and hope you continue your journey with us.  Congratulations you have made the trainers proud.

To all in attendance, our families and friends, thank you for for coming this day and please congratulate our new graduates.

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