New Dean of Students at Classic with Style

Congratulations to Janet Brink, Classic with Styles new Dean of Students.

Ms Janet Brink
Thank you Anrol and Steve for my promotion to Dean of UCWS and now also thank you Sunrae Suntzu and Kiralyn Destiny.

To say I am in shock is an understatement, and do not know where to begin to acknowledge the honor you have given me.  As many of you know, I too started as a student here, and was so happy I did, what wonderful classes, and wonderful trainers, many still here.  Vicky Yoshikawa, Lisana Rossen, Tiffani Celestalis, and Nina Brianna, and also miss Laylah Lecker.  

I started here as a student to graduate, to Simply D'Best Model, to student of CWS Advance class, to Doctor of Modeling, Super model, Top Model in SL Modeling world, CWS Executive Trainer, a growing list of titles.

The title of Dean, though a dear title to me, is nothing without the support of the UCWS Trainers, and so happy I am also one of them.  I heard a story of how Lisana reached sainthood, by being so patient with a student with her erring huddle, and have heard similar stories about Tiffani and Vicky, all so dedicated in their profession.

OUR goal here is to produce the finest models in the SL Modeling World, and to make a home here for them after they graduate.  Many of us call Classic with Styling HOME.  We offer more than any modeling place on the grid.  Several styling events weekly to hone your skills, Designer contest with the opportunity to be the Crowned Model of that designer.  Dance contest, Pageants, special events, and our weekly designer shows.

If you do everything that is offered here, in less than one year, your resume will rival many of the Top Models of SL.

Again, Everyone!!, I truly thank you for this honor.

New owner Sunrae had this to say on Janet's promotion to Dean.

Congratulations Janet on your promotion to University Dean.  Janet will bring our University to an even higher level than it is now, and it is already superior.

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